What’s special about Korean pre wedding photography?

Couples can choose from our studios located in Gangnam district in Seoul, each with a unique theme. Currently, the trend of Korean Pre-wedding photography is the beautiful studio settings. Some images may look like it was taken outdoor, they are actually taken indoor within the studio! We provide a variety in the shooting background both indoor and outdoor scenes. 。。。

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How do I pick my wedding gown at the bridal boutique?

You may save your preferred wedding gown photos in your mobile phone and show it to the stylist before fitting. The stylist will let you try on 6 wedding gowns based on the style of your selected studio. They are highly experienced so you can also leave it to their expertise to recommend! 。。。

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How does the beauty salon proceed with styling and makeup?

You may save your preferred makeup & style photos in your mobile phone and show it to the stylist. To feature different hairstyles, we suggest beginning with your hair down and natural curls. As the shooting continues, our assistant will help you in changing your hair style and touching up of makeup. 。。。

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How to find men’s suits at men’s suit shop?

  • We provide black suit in our pre-wedding photography package. Suggest bringing a different color of your own suits, a pair of leather shoes and black socks to add variety to your photoshoot.
  • Most of the men’s suits are standard size. Please contact us If you think you have the fitting issue.
  • Make sure to shave the morning of the shooting day.
  • 。。。

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    How long does the shooting take? Anything I should be aware of?

    Gown selection at your selected gown boutique (approx 2 hours) Hair & make up (approx 3 hours) and photo-shooting (approx 5 hours) When you arrival the studio, you will have a 10-minute consultation meeting with your photographer before the shooting. This is the time to discuss which scene you would like to shoot or not. If you have any questions during the shooting, you could always ask your translator to consult with the photographer at any time. Additionally, our assistant will help change your hair accessories or shoes based on the style of the scene. Don’t be shy to ask your translator to replace the other accessories if you want. A soft reminder: please don’t bring professional camera or video recorder.

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    After the shooting has been completed, how long do I need to wait to receive the album and frame?

    After the shooting has been completed, we will provide the photo selection form to customers. Photo retouching process takes roughly 3~4 months after receiving customer’s photo selection form. Then we will arrange your album and frame delivery. 。。。

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    About photo retouching.

  • We provide the professional retouching service.
  • You will get the retouched photos, file size is between 2MB to 10MB in JPEG format. We don’t provide RAW format.
  • The photo sequence in the album will be arranged according to the sample layout.
  • 。。。

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    How early in advance should i start making appointment with you?

    We would recommend 7~8 months before your wedding day! Please note that we will need 3~4 months for post production hence please make sure there is enough time to arrange the album and frame delivery to you before your wedding. 。。。

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    Can I arrange for behind the scenes photographer/videographer?

    Sure, we can arrange professional behind the scenes photographer and videographer (additional cost) for you.  On the other hand, our translators are happy to help you take photos with your phone or camera too! Click link for snapshot & video for your reference. 。。。

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    Do I need to pay additional for the celebrity beauty salon and bridal boutique?

    We coop with celebrity level bridal boutique and beauty salon, such as Rosa Sposa bridal boutique and Jenny House beauty salon.

    There are some exceptional instances when extra fees may be required if you ask for the big day session wedding gowns, haircut and/or makeup for friends and family. 。。。

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