Important Reminders:


  • Nu bra or special bras are usually unnecessary as Korean team will fit you with the strapless bra. Please feel free to bring your nu bra if you wish.
  • We’ll prepare clip-on earrings and some jewelry for brides  for the shooting, and you are welcome to bring your jewerly if you wish.
  • Please make sure to have your hair dyed and nails done before the shooting.
  • Please do not apply any hair conditioner and make up before the shooting.
  • Please wear blouse to avoid staining your clothes with make up on the photo-shooting day.
  • You could prepare 1~2 casual outfits and shoes you wish for the shooting. Our photographer will help to decide if they are suitable for the shoot.


  • Suggest bringing your own suits and shoes to add variety to your photoshoot. Oh and a pair of black socks too!
  • Make sure to shave the morning of the shooting day.


  • Don’t forget to buy travel insurance for your trip.
  • Please avoid salty food and too much water the night before the shooting.
  • Don’t be late!